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Baking Soda Tips Continued…

In my first post to you all I talked about the wonders of baking soda. It has marvelous properties. It is wonderful used as a mild abrasive for scrubbing tubs/showers, sinks, and even counter tops, but something I never would have tried is as shampoo. Yes… you did hear me correctly…shampoo. You may be asking who in their right mind would wash their hair with baking soda.  Well it seems that more people than you would think are doing it. It’s even got a name. The “No Poo Movement” as in “no Shampoo” that is. I first heard about it on the Living On A Dime newsletter. The link to that site is listed at the end of this blog.  Jill talked about how her grandmother never used shampoo on her hair…not ever and now the process she used to wash her hair is really catching on.  I encourage you to click on the link and read her article. I read it and thought to myself that only crazy people would do something like that.
I personally have very oily hair. Once puberty hit I got my Dad’s oily hair and it has never gone away. I remember my hair being so oily that when I was 15 I tried washing it with liquid laundry soap hoping that would cut the grease. It did…but it just became oilier. Someone told me to wash my hair with egg whites…I tried that and it came out disgusting. After those and many more failed attempts at other crazy things I just digressed to the thought I would have disgusting oily hair for the rest of my life. I went from having very long hair I could sit on to my current short hair in an attempt to make it easier for me to keep clean.  And it did help a lot, but still when I see people that don’t have to wash their hair everyday and can still look decent, I get hair envy. It’s like seeing that woman that can eat everything she wants and somehow maintains a size 6 dress.
So after reading the article from Living On A Dime, I decided that with all the wonderful tips they gave me in the past…this time they were crazy and that “No Poo” thing sounded crazy and if it did work it would only work on those extremely lucky people that don’t have to wash their hair only every other day to begin with.  Then I was surfing YouTube looking for some new recipes for household products, (Yes, that is how I spend my spare time. Sad I know lol) and I came across this series of videos that this woman posted about her “no poo” experience. I think they went though day 15, but she posted that she had been “poo free” for 6 months and will never go back to shampoo again. (I have added the link to her first post about her no poo experience below) Not only where the posts funny, but they got me thinking. I had given everything else a try, so why wouldn’t I try this too? What was the worst that could happen? So I just convinced myself that I was going to give this a try, but it wasn’t going to work and I wasn’t going to be surprised about it.
I put together the water and baking soda mixture (adding one drop of lavender essential oil) and tiptoed my way upstairs to take a shower. If this experiment didn’t work I wasn’t going to tell a soul what I did. I “washed” my hair (enjoying the wonderful small of the lavender) and blew it dry. I stood there in front of the bathroom mirror in shock. My hair looked good! Not only that, it felt good too! I had never had my hair feel so soft before…so clean! Could it really be true? I must be dreaming! So I went downstairs where I forced my husband, Troy, to feel my hair. He really is a good sport when it comes to all of this “homemade” stuff I’ve been doing lately and is often the first person I show stuff too. I made a new shade of lip gloss the other day and he was the first person to walk through the door and so he got me at my “I’m so excited and have to show someone” moment. He was so sweet to humor me and let me show him all I had done. So after Troy’s stamp of approval I had to show the kids. :) The next morning I got up to get ready for work and my hair still felt clean! That is something I never had experienced before. Nope, never! I didn’t even wash it that morning. It looked awesome and smelt good (because of the lavender essential oil I added). I wasn’t going to tell anyone what I had done for fear they would all think I was crazy, but my hair looked so good and was so clean feeling I just couldn’t keep it to myself.
I have been “poo free” for just over two weeks now. My hair has never felt this clean and healthy. I don’t have an issue with my oily hair anymore, NONE. I can wash my hair every other day without fear of my hair looking like an oil slick. I still use hair products like hairspray and pomade. I have found some recipes for homemade hairspray I would like to try.  If I do I will let you all know how it turns out. For now I’m just super-duper excited about my awesome, clean, shampoo free hair!
Please see the links below and do give the baking soda shampoo a try. After you do, please post your comments and let me know what you think.
Have a Blessed Day,

1 Tablespoon baking soda for every 8oz of water
Yep, it’s that easy. I have heard that some people put their mixture into a bottle with a pull-top cap like some water bottles have. I mix 16oz at a time and it lasts me about 3 washes. I haven’t been too careful about how much I’m using. It’s not like it cost much.
1 Tablespoon Apple Cider vinegar for every 8oz of water.
I have not used this yet. Like I said, my hair is naturally very oily. I felt no need to condition my hair. But if you do try it let me know how you like it!
Here is the link to Living On A Dime

Here is the link to the first in the series of YouTube videos I told you I found. She has several different videos going all the way to day 15. You really should take the time to watch them all. Some of them are very funny.

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