Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Talk Clean...

I’ve been debating on what my first blog should be. Should I go with something profound, moving, funny or what?  It’s so funny that I would even stress about it. Is anyone even reading this thing anyway? :)

Ok here it is… my latest obsession… Baking Soda. Now don’t laugh.  I’ve been on this “homemade” kick for the last 4-5 months now. Homemade laundry soap, homemade lip gloss, homemade body scrubs. (Future blogs yet to come) Through this process I have come across baking soda. Baking soda has to be the most misunderstood household product out there! I have found so many uses for it that I’m not even going to tell you all of them at once. I’m going to drag it out a little, so if anyone is really reading this blog you are going to have to keep coming back if you want to get more info on this one product with so many magical qualities! 
Baking Soda Tip #1: Cookie sheet clean up Every woman has in her kitchen at least one cookie sheet that has that black burnt food all over it. You secretly have the “when guests can see” cookie sheet and then there is the one that you use every day that has been destroyed beyond recognition because you have used it as a drip tray under casseroles in the oven.  And you know there is no possible way to use it as a cookie sheet unless you line it with foil in order to separate your cookies from the blackened mess that it has turned into.  Don’t lie, you have one. If you don’t it’s because you only moved out of your parents home a month ago and you are living alone and thus you eat out every night.
Well I have a fix for that. BAKING SODA! Yes…it is true. Well you have to add another shocking ingredient to the mix, peroxide. I know it sounds nuts, but it’s true.  You mix baking soda and peroxide until it is a paste and then rub it all over that nasty caked on mess that was once called a cookie sheet. Then the hard part…let it sit. I totally have no patience and am personally an instant gratification sort of girl, but this is a must. So make yourself a cup of tea and read a few pages of that book you keep saying you are going to read. Give it a good 15-20 minutes. I will say that I had to use a scrub brush, one that was abrasive and did leave scratches on the cookie sheet. But it was ugly to start with so who cares if it is scratched at this point.  But it came off! All the black awful, burnt stuff is gone! My cookie sheet is not perfectly flat…it has sides on it and I forgot to put the baking soda/peroxide concoction on the sides of the pan so I have ugly sides and a beautiful clean base. (oops)  I did this some time ago so I don’t have before and after pictures for you, but I’m telling you it works.
Baking Soda Tip #2: Clean tub and showerMix baking soda with some table salt and sprinkle that all over a damp tub, then just scrub your tub.  This works really well on shower doors too.  No strong chemical smell and it is super cheep! One thing I really like about this is the lack of chemicals. I rinse the tub out well, but it always makes me worried putting our 4 year old in the bath before we have showered in it a few times after cleaning it. I just worry about her taking a bath in chemical residue.  The salt is optional but if you need some extra “scrubbing power” depending on how dirty the tub/shower is…you will want to add the salt.
Give these tips a try and tell me what you think. I would really love to hear your thoughts.

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