Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

I took a bit if time away from my blog during the Christmas break. I had some time off work and I really wanted to spend that time being lazy and just enjoying my time with the family and that is just what I did.
We got a little snow just before Christmas. It melted quickly, but stuck around just long enough for Kaylee to go out and play for just a few minutes and for me to scoop up some of the “clean” snow so I could make us some Snow Ice Cream.  I have to say it was a hit. I got the recipe last year, but we never got enough snow for me to make any until this winter.
To make Snow Ice Cream:  Gather eight cups of fresh snow, pour 1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk and 1 teaspoon of vanilla, stir and serve! You can add sprinkles, chocolate chips or whatever you like but for us…it’s delicious just plain!

We had a nice relaxing Christmas. I thought last year our Christmas was the best, but I think this year may have been even better. Kaylee is 5 years old now so she really gets the concept of Christmas as well as getting excited about gift giving.

We attended the Christmas Candlelight Service at our church. On our way home our two older children (Josh 18 and Kaycee 15) called us to let us know they were going to spend Christmas Eve with us and were on their way over. This was a nice surprise because they were going to be spending Christmas at their mother’s house. We got to have some good conversation and spent some wonderful time together. They ended up spending the night and opened presents with us and stayed for breakfast before they left to go to their mother’s house. Christmas breakfast turned out awesome too I might add. I made Overnight French Toast. I have never made it before, but it was so good and easy that I am planning on making it again for New Year’s morning. You can find the recipe HERE.

On Saturday we had our family pictures taken. This was a pretty big deal because we hadn't had family pictures taken for 7 years. Kaylee is 5 years old and never been in a family picture, so they were way past due!  I'm so excited to see how they turned out. We were lucky enough to have a good friend of ours take them for us. If you are in the Kansas City area and looking for a photographer, check out her facebook page HERE.

Now it’s New Year’s Eve and I still can’t believe that 2012 is gone already. It was such a crazy year. In many ways I'm not at all sorry to see it go, but at the same time it was a huge year for my personal and spiritual growth. Sure I battled thyroid cancer and survived a staph infection that came very close to also taking my life and those are very huge things, but even more than that I grew as a person, a wife, and a mother. Those things have changed the way I look at my life forever. That is my wish for all of you who read this. That you would see your own worth, learn to cherish the things that are truly important, and live every day like it is your last.

May God come into your hearts and shower you with enormous blessings in 2013. Happy New Year Everyone!

Until next time….God Bless,

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