Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saving the Planet is a Bonus. Really I'm Just Cheap.

I have never been one to enjoy cleaning. I have always seen it as more of a necessary evil that we all have to deal with, but not something I truly enjoyed and I don’t ever expect that to happen.  I really doubt I will ever see my house truly “clean” until all of the children are out of the house.  But there is something to be said for the feeling I get when I walk into my home and it is relatively clean. Especially when I know I didn't have to spend lots of money on expensive cleaners or cover the floor, tub or countertops with stinky chemicals to get it that way.

Recently I cleaned my tub with commercial chemicals (something I almost never do) and our 5 year old, Kaylee, walked into the bathroom and said “Oh my gosh Mom, what is that awful smell”. The tub turned out clean but the entire upstairs smelt and I was so afraid for Kaylee to take a bath until I showered  a few times to make sure the tub was well rinsed.  When I clean the shower with baking soda and salt I never have to be worried about that and there is no smell. It also cleans the tub just as good as the chemicals do.
Another thing I really enjoy is using natural ingredients for is my body and skincare. It is so interesting how the same thing that I can clean my shower our countertops with can also work well as a conditioner, shampoo or face scrub. These things have been around for years and worked fine for our grandparents and great-grandparents, why shouldn't they work now?

One of the women I work with called me the “greenest person she knows.” I had to laugh at her. Sure going chemical free for cleaning is better for the environment and that’s a good thing. But I want to be very clear as to why I have made the changes I have. I am cheap! With the economy the way it is and my husband being out of work and I had to start to get creative.  The funny part about it is I am much happier with the results of the natural products I use now vs. the expensive brand name chemicals.  I'm not the only one that feels this way. Look up articles online or pull up videos on YouTube and you will find a ton of people doing the same thing.  I was approached by one of the young men in my office the other day who said he was trying to save some money and heard that I made my own laundry soap (It’s funny how it’s getting around the office) and asked me to teach him how to make it. (If you are interested in homemade laundry soap check out my past posts here… Homemade Laundry Soap

My point is going chemical free isn't all that “life changing.” It’s just cheaper. It is better for the environment if that is what you are looking for, but it’s better for your pocket book too!

Please join me next week as we look at my newest use for sugar and peppermint essential oil! I also have some wonderful craft ideas that my daughter Kaylee came up with that we will be posting soon as well…so stay tuned!

Until next time…God Bless,

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